Fire Font – After Effects

If you feel cold a new animated typeface from the fire typography branch will warm you up – meet Fire Alphabet Animated Font. Sensual and dangerous, this creative font will heat your imagination to the flash point. As a result, you will learn how to conquer fire and become a master of the most unpredictable force in the world. This handmade font will never freeze. Perhaps, winter is coming. But we’ve got a weapon against it – bright Fire Alphabet Animated Font.



Animated Font Gets Hot

Fire Animated Font amuses with its play of flames. When you look at this fire font you’ve got a feeling that letters are like candles slowly burning in the dark. Thanks to its appearance and perfect animation the flame typeface can be both encouraging and thrilling, warm and mysterious, safe and dangerous.

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How To Sparkle With Hot Typeface

The hot typeface burns with creativity fire and you can catch the flame and give it to your artworks especially if they need a spark. Fire Animated Font will make your advertisements shine. For this reason you should use this unique font to create glowing video commercials. Since fire typography is very popular and is suitable practically everywhere Fire Animated Font will be a good way to express strong feelings in fashion, jewellery, automobile industry, etc. And let’s not forget about cinematography. If you are planning a reboot of ‘Devil’s Advocate’ please consider this flame typeface as your number one candidate for credits.

Why Animated Font Is So Special?

Download this unique handcrafted typeface and explore so many useful things in it!

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • AE shape layers: Fast rendering
  • No plugins required
  • Any resolution
  • Limitless layer duration (about 30 seconds duration)
  • Works in After Effects CS5.5 and up (Full and Trial version)
  • You can change colors


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